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Welcome Rev. Brenda Holder!

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Rev. Brenda Holder is the new pastor at Harmony Presbyterian Church.  She is a native Arkansan, raised around Hot Springs and Malvern, but she lived in El Dorado for 40 years. She has a doctorate in Education, and three Master's degrees, including one in Divinity and one in Marriage and Family therapy. 


She comes to the church having pastored three churches in Missouri and Indiana. She spent 15 years as a public school teacher and a college instructor, and 13 years as the executive director of a Head Start agency based in El Dorado. She has four children and soon will have nine grandchildren--all girls.


She is enthusiastic about pastoring at Harmony. She loves meeting people, preaching and sharing the gospel, and teaching Bible studies and various related classes. She loves music, travel, cooking and entertaining, painting, reading, and sewing. She enjoys mission work, too, having gone on many mission trips throughout her life. 


Brenda has a heart for the hurting. She hopes to use her counseling skills to minister to local people--church members or not-- who need a Christian ear. The church also plans to offer women's support groups to local women who feel they might benefit from such groups.


Pastor Brenda and Harmony Presbyterian Church welcome all who might be interested in coming to any or all church events!

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