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The following is a report, "History of the Congregation of Harmony Presbyterian Church," written by J.M. Laster of Harmony, Arkansas. July 30, 1914.

A small number of the charter members of this congregation came from Wilson County, Tennessee in the year 1831, while the majority came in 1836. Some of them brought with them letters of dismissal from congregations in that state. 

They first joined the church at Clarksville, but in 1844 those members living on Horsehead Creek asked for and received permission, to organize a congregation at this place. The Harmony congregation was organized by the Reverend Jesse M. Blair, with Abraham Laster and Robert Hardgraves as Ruling Elders and the following as Charter members. (The following names have been alphabetized for easy identification but were not in the original document.)

Elizabeth J. Bartlett

Elizabeth Baskin

Hugh K. Baskin

James C. Baskin

Malissa Baskin

Rebecca Baskin

Thomas Baskin

William Baskin

Pentelope Belt

Rube Belue

Rebeccah Crawford

William Crawford

Sarah Flemmings

Sarah Gilliam

Mary B. Hardgraves

Virginia Hardgraves

Lawson Hill

Lillian Hill

Ludy Hyden

William Hyden

Nancy Johnson

Julia Kendall

Frederick Laster

Hester A. Laster

Nancy Laster

Nancy J. Laster

Charlotte McCord

Ruth McFadden

Mary Porter

Alphred Reynolds

Sophia Williams

Levisa Wood

Reece B. Wood

Bartlett Zachary, Sr.

Bartlett Zachary

Burrell H. Zachary

Caroline Zachary


Black Members

Mariah Arbaugh

Mariah Crawford

Fannie Hardgraves

Aggie Laster

By the year 1858 the membership was near the 100 mark, and the eldership consisted of the following.

Abraham Laster, J. H. Laster

Robert Hardgraves, Lemuel Pryor

M.A. Kendall, T. G. Temple and William Hyden

The ministers serving this congregation (before the year 1861) were: The Reverends

Jesse Blair, Anderson Cox, Lewis Johnson, Rev. Malloy, Rev Brigham, Rev. Vineyard, Frank Barnard and Rev. Briggant

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